The Scary hair fairy - New book published

The Scary hair fairy - New book published


01 March 2021


New book launched

The Scary hair fairy – New book published!

This week marked world book day across the UK and Ireland, it was a little bit different this year for many authors, a lot of us usually have full diary, travelling to schools, hosting workshops and getting involved in lots of activities which involve our books and life being an author.

This year due to the current national lockdown it was a day in the office instead, and although we didn’t get to travel to schools, we had so many children send in images of being dressing up as Alfie and myself on world book day which was so heart-warming, as an author it’s so lovely to see people enjoying your stories and characters in the book.

Although this year’s world book week wasn’t like usual there was still lots of book activity happening in my world, I launched a new book on Thursday 4th March called ‘The Scary hair fairy’ based on a fairy who travels around at night causing lots of adventure and mischief!

I wrote the story when I was 17 but never had it published, it’s a book which rhymes throughout and is very much a character from my childhood, every time I woke up with messy hair my parents use to say to me ‘The Scary hair fairy must have visited you last night’ 

And then as I got older, I adapted it into a story, which is like me, being an author, I’m always making up magical stories and have new ideas for characters and stories!

The book is available online and also from Amazon, I always love seeing my book on the shelves and can’t wait to see it in a book shop once the shops open again.

This books is based at children under 6 years old and is a fun magical bedtime story, full of illustrations.

Due to the hairdressers being closed over lockdown, I had the idea again for the book to get published, as my parents kept telling me ‘The scary hair fairy’ had visited and I thought why not finally make it into a magical tale for others to enjoy.

Now that the book has been published, I’ll be working on the next Little Alf book which I’m hoping to launch this Spring.

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