Autumn with Little Alf

Autumn with Little Alf


07 November 2019

Little Alf

It will soon be Christmas!

The clocks went back last month and Alfie is looking as wooly as ever, he always looks very cute with his winter coat, he’s slightly overweight at the moment so he just looks like a big ball for fluff. I remember once someone on one of my old blogs said Alfie looked like flying potato and it trended on Tumblr and got over 40K hits and new followers so that was pretty funny.

I’ve been away this week in Budapest and my parents have been looking after Alfie and the rest of the animals, they have kept me updated everyday and apparently he’s not been on his best behaviour…. He attempted to nip Dad’s ankles and has been chasing mum around the field - He can be so cheeky! When I arrived back in the Yorkshire Dales it’ll be like nothing has happened and he will be on his best behaviour with his wooly coat and big brown eyes butter wouldn’t melt…. It’s great that my parent’s can look after the animals when I’m away especially Alfie I can’t imagine the mischief he would cause with someone else!

With the First week of November nearly over it won’t be long until we start to get in Christmas mode, over with my ‘Russell Home interiors and gift’ shop we have so many Christmas items in stock and this week the rest of my Christmas items have arrived so I can’t wait to unpack them and put them in the shop.

If your looking for a Christmas gift this year for a Little Alf fan check out the online shop, we have a full variety of gifts available, including all of Little Alf’s books. I will also be adding some hampers online very soon!

I’ll be reunited with Alfie and the rest of the gang this weekend which I am really forward to, they always give me the best welcome home - plus in Budapest they don’t drink tea?! So I’ll be putting the kettle on as soon as I get home…!


Han X 

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